Values & Ethos

Our Vision is to give our students the best possible education in a safe, healthy and happy school where everyone matters and where learning is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Values

Positivity: We engage children in learning to allow for all pupils to have a positive experience of education.

We recognise pupils’ progress daily.  All of our pupils achieve and this is rewarded and celebrated.

We promote positive relationships between parents/carers, pupils and staff.

Mutual respect and tolerance are central to our ethos.

Understanding: We use a nurturing approach to meet pupils’ individual needs.

We have a good understanding of our learners and when they need support.

We want the best outcomes for our children and share their parents’/carers’ hopes and aspirations.

Individuality and diversity are celebrated.

Personalised: We develop tailored programmes relevant to a pupil’s individual needs and interests.

We adapt the learning environment and curriculum to allow young people to feel safe, secure and enable them to achieve.

We provide our pupils with a range of strategies to help them to succeed in life.

The child is at the heart of everything we do.