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Alan Braven - The Endeavour Federation

Welcome to Endeavour Federation and thank you for visiting our website.

We hope you find all the information you are looking for and it proves useful in helping you to understand more about the educational services we offer, whether a prospective or current pupil, parent, member of staff or other educational professional.

Endeavour Federation provides education for pupils in KS2, 3 and 4. Our aim is for all our pupils to develop their skills and reach their full potential in a safe learning environment.

Our schools include Castlefield Campus, Meade Hill School and Southern Cross School. All of our pupils have Education, Health and Care plans based primarily on a range of social, emotional and mental health issues. All of the staff are committed to providing an effective learning environment within small class sizes.

With a broad yet well balanced curriculum, including work experience opportunities and extracurricular activities, we ensure that students leave school with high aspirations, enthusiasm for the next stage of their lives and the skills and qualifications to reach their goals.

I am proud to be the executive head of such a dedicated team of staff, hardworking pupils and their supportive parents/carers.

Alan Braven
Executive Headteacher

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The Endeavour Federation treats all children with unconditional respect and has high expectations for both adults’ and children’s learning and social behaviours. Our schools are calm and purposeful. We pride ourselves on excellent relationships and a high level of care.

We understand that positive behaviour can be taught and needs to be modelled. We understand that negative behaviour can signal a need for support which we will provide without diluting our expectations. Endeavour Federation