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We have three school campus’ as part of Endeavour Federation. Please see each school’s address and main office contact details.
There is a SENCO (Special Needs Co-ordinator) on each site who can all be contacted by telephoning the school or sending an email.

Castlefield Campus

Endeavour Federation
Jackson Crescent
M15 5AL

Telephone: 0161 989 3009
Email: [email protected]
SENCO: Mr Noble

Follow us on Twitter: @CastlefieldCam2

Meade Hill School

Endeavour Federation
Chain Road
M9 6GN

Telephone: 0161 696 0764
Fax: 0161 795 6241
Email: [email protected]
SENCO: Mr Openshaw

Follow us on Twitter: @meade_hill

Southern Cross School

Endeavour Federation
Roundwood Road
M22 4AB

Telephone: 0161 881 2695
Fax: 0161 861 7190
Email: [email protected]
SENCO: Ms Thomson

Follow us on Twitter: @Southern_Cro1

Follow Endeavour Federation on Twitter: @EndeavourFeder1
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