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Wecome from the Executive Headteacher


Welcome to The Endeavour Federation.


I hope you find the information provided by our website useful in helping you to understand more about the services we offer whether you are a prospective or current pupil, parent or member of staff, an educational professional or just a visitor to this site.


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the Executive Headteacher of The Federation.


The Endeavour Federation provides education for 190 KS2, KS3 and KS4 day pupils and 20 Residential pupils in Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.


All of our pupils have statements or Education, Health and Care plans based primarily on a range of social, emotional and mental health issues. All of the staff are committed to providing an effective learning environment within classes of usually no more than seven pupils.


We encourage staff to view behaviour as a communication of an emotional need (whether conscious or unconscious), and to respond accordingly.  We encourage all adults in schools to respond in a way that focuses on the feelings and emotions that might drive certain behaviour, rather than the behavior itself. Young people with behavioural difficulties need to be regarded as vulnerable rather than troublesome, and we all have a duty to explore this vulnerability and provide appropriate support.


The federation is an exciting place to learn, where each person is valued and everyone is encouraged to succeed to the best of their ability.


Alan Braven

Executive Headteacher